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Assessment Home: Lawrence Siden

Session: 007004703021954170
 Job ID: 1930784Job Title: Software Engineer
 Library Name: Job 1930784 Sitting 1155352
 Started: 12/16/14 3:45 PM Completed: 12/16/14 4:07 PM
 Candidate: Lawrence SidenCandidate Reference:
 Email: lsiden@gmail.comPhone: 734-926-9614
 City: Ann ArborState/Province: MI
     Test: JavaScript 1.8
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     Score: 3.86
     Proficiency Level: Advanced (3.51 - 4.50)
     The candidate has mastered the basic concepts of JavaScript 1.8 (Intrinsic Objects, Core Features, Built-in Global Functions) and intermediate JavaScript 1.8 concepts (DOM, General Knowledge, AJAX). The candidate is likely proficient with more advanced JavaScript 1.8 concepts such as:
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Classes and Objects
  • Common Design Patterns
  • At the Advanced level, the candidate will be capable of working on projects involving JavaScript 1.8 and will be capable of mentoring others on most projects in this area.

         Percentile Comparisons
         The percentile score indicates how well the candidate scored relative to other candidates in the comparison population indicated by the score.

    Percentile Comparisons

    Low Medium High
    30 70 100
    Global Population
    Company Population

    Detail Item Results
    OrderQuestionTopicDescriptionTime Taken (Seconds)Is Correct
    1JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0077Core FeaturesExceptions10.8Yes
    4JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0065Core FeaturesFunctions and Scoping46.0Yes
    5JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0232General KnowledgeOptimization37.7Yes
    8JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0177Common Design PatternsFunction Chaining and Interceptors17.7Yes
    9JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0200Intrinsic ObjectsString106.6No
    10JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0034Classes and ObjectsExtension117.8No
    11JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0193Common Design PatternsPublish/Subscribe87.9Yes
    12JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0175Advanced TechniquesClosures and Expression Closures90.9Yes
    13JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0222Built-in Global FunctionsEncoding60.3Yes
    14JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0166General KnowledgeImporting85.3Yes
    15JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0182Core FeaturesArrays28.0Yes
    16JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0230Core FeaturesFunctions and Scoping20.4No
    17JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0195Classes and ObjectsDefinition63.7Yes
    18JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0165Intrinsic ObjectsNumber63.9No
    19JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0035Classes and ObjectsExtension26.2Yes
    20JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0101Intrinsic ObjectsNumber10.4No
    22JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0229Core FeaturesExceptions49.1Yes
    23JAVASCRIPT_1.8_BB_0169Advanced TechniquesClosures and Expression Closures80.6Yes
            Time Summary:
                Time Taken (mm:ss): 19:55
                Started on: 12/16/14 3:46 PM
                Completed on: 12/16/14 4:07 PM
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